Shorter than Short- tales of Love and Life- 2


They sat in silence at the park.

Their eyes didn’t meet each other’s; their hands weren’t entwined. They sat at an arm’s length distance from each other…

It was probably eons since their last rendezvous and silence seemed appropriate to them, at that moment.

Some things had changed since the last time they had met…

His beard had streaks of grey and she was aging too, but, there was an abundance of beauty still left on her. She looked only slightly older than she did, years back…


The evening breeze ruffled her hair gently and she tucked the strands behind her ears. He turned slightly, to watch her movement and continued to stare into the space.

In one corner of the park, their children were playing.

The kids enjoyed each other’s company and were happy.

After all, they had ensured that their kids did not suffer the pain of their nasty divorce…


Her phone rang.

She looked at the caller’s name and pressed the “silence” button. She was enjoying the silence and interruption was the last thing that she needed.

She continued to stare…


(No one kept a note of the time that they spent, sitting mutely on the bench. It must have been an eternity in their time frames and probably 30 minutes, in ours.)


How are you?“, both of them suddenly spoke in unison.

“Jinx”, she said out of habit, laughing at the coincidence… (Back in those days, when people spoke same thing in unison, the word “jinx” was uttered to avoid bad occurrences)

“I’ve been doing fine”, he said. “Long Time, isn’t it?”

She nodded her head in agreement.


(Silence followed, again…)

“So… Do you live here now?”

“Yes, I have moved to flat no.204”

“Do you like it here in Mumbai?”

“Hard to say… It’s been just 3 weeks”, she said…

“Is that your kid?”, he asked..

“Yes. And, is she playing with yours?”

He nodded with a smile.

“We should meet often. Introduce me to your wife… I could use some “ladies tips” to survive here”, she said with a laugh.

“I would, if I could”.

A puzzled look crossed her face.

“We got a divorce, some years back”, he continued…

“Oh! I’m sorry to hear about it”, she said.

“Oh that’s okay. It was meant to happen, anyways. How has your life been?”, he said trying to change the subject of conversation.

“Oh, I am a single mother now. I had to go through a nasty phase of life, too; just like you”, she said….




Do you still like me the way you did?“, he asked out of the blue; his eyes filled with a longing…..

She looked at him, in his eyes…


“Amma, let’s go”, her daughter came running towards her. His son followed, close behind…

“Okay”, she said, as she walked away from him, waving a bye….


That night, he did not sleep


She met him the next day at the park in the evening, again.

“Can we go out for a cup of coffee?”, she asked.

“We should be back before the kids are done playing”, she winked.



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