What Prompted the Swayamvara process?-A thought

A note from the author:

Please leave your brain aside before reading this mindless story-(A request with due respect to the readers)

Once upon a time, the whole world was one – undivided.

This big world was ruled by a glorious king; just one king…

Many years passed and he ruled his kingdom wisely.

But, the king felt lonely- very lonely in-spite of all his riches and his people.

He consulted his expert council of ministers who suggested the idea of “Marriage”.

“Wedlock should cure you of your loneliness, Oh Mighty king!” they proclaimed.

So, the king decided to get married and found a beautiful woman to be his wife. Many years passed and the king lived happily with his wife…

Soon, the couple was blessed with a boy child.

Their happiness knew no bounds.

“If one child can give us so much happiness, imagine what two of them would”, the king squealed in happiness and so, they had another child and another and another…

The king and the queen gave birth to 7 sons this way; their ultimate “bundles of joy”…

These seven children grew up to become charming rulers and won the hearts of the people {and (ahem) those of women too}.

Soon, time came for these sons to feel lonely and hence they set out to look for their companions.

The first son found a women in the snow covered mountains, while the second found his in a dense forest region.

The third son met his love in the dry grasslands, and the forth found his, in the dry-lands…

This way, the seven sons found their respective loves in the different regions of the huge land mass.

They were married and were happy for a few days when the happiness was ruined by discord among the brothers. Each one wanted to break the unity of the land mass and wanted a piece for himself!!!

And, in the process, each son wanted to break a portion of the land for himself!!!

Imagine breaking the world like this!!

The king tried to intervene, but in vain.

And so, the world was divided into 7 chunks, in no time…


After several years, the seven kings started missing their brothers and decided to have a get together… They did not want the world to know of it and hence met secretly, even without telling their wives!!!

When the 7 brothers met again, they were overwhelmed with love for each other. They realized that they had made a mistake by splitting. They cried their hearts out over beer.

“Why did we have to divide the lands, brothers?”, the youngest son murmured in the drunken state.

“It was all for my wife”, the elder one said.

“Yeeahh”, another concurred.” She asked me a question and wanted me to prove that I would do it for her”

“What?????”, the fourth exclaimed.. “Yours too??????”

“Brother, I did it for my wife too !!!!!!!!”, the fifth heaved…

“So did I”

“So did I”

“So did I”

“So did I”

“So did I”

All the brothers spoke in succession and dropped their glasses in unison.

“So, it was a mere question that led to the divide?”, the youngest one sighed.

“Something needs to be done brothers…. What if these lands were to be further divided because of such a question, in future?”, the eldest stated…

“Yes, we should do something”, the brothers decided before falling off to sleep for the day.


The next day, they formed a common council to discuss the issue and came up with a solution.

According to the draft, a new law would be mandated in each of the seven lands and it read as follows:


All kings shall be allowed to wed  their queens only after the process of “Swayamvara”.

This elaborate process shall involve the flaunting of skills and prowess by the kings to impress the queen(s) and the king who flaunts the most shall win the queen.

The method of carrying out the same can be decided by the concerned parties, but, this process shall be a requisite to validate all royal weddings, hence forth.

NOTE: Weddings, which skip the rule, shall be considered INVALID.

This rule has been mandated, keeping in mind the welfare of the people.

All are expected to cooperate…

“Phew”, sighed the kings, looking at the flier.

Division of the worlds shall henceforth not occur over the question:

“Will you move the earth for me, dear one??”



Swayamvara is a process in which the kings use their skills to achieve feats. When a man performs these feats successfully, he is considered fit enough to marry the woman. Now, how did these come into practice?, one might wonder. Imagine a situation :

A wife asks her husband, what he has done for her?

Mostly, the answer given by the man is not convincing enough for the woman (modern scenario).

What if he had a ready made answer for that question?

What if he could say that he performed those wonderful feats just to win her?

What if a “Swayamvara” was performed for the sole reason to avert a “crisis” which might begin with such questions??


Drop your thoughts here!

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