Salvation of a Saint- Book Review

One word: Awesome.

A “finely woven” thriller, it is simple and yet sophisticated in its plot. This book definitely qualifies for a fantabulous read and is sure to keep its readers glued to the pages from the start till the end.


Yoshitaka, the CEO of a successful company is found dead in his house. A coffee cup lying in the kitchen seems to hold a clue…

His wife, Ayane, is away at the time of his murder with a strong alibi and there is no apparent motive for this death.

Hiromi Wakayama, Ayane’s professional apprentice discovers the body of her boss’ husband and notifies the police.

Kusanagi is sent to investigate the case along with detective Utsumi.

Investigations throw both Ayane and Hiromi in the “guilty box”, but, Kusanagi’s romantic inclination towards Ayane proves a deterrent. Kusanagi refuses to believe that Ayane could be capable of murder and investigates the possible alternatives.

One thing leads to the other and Utsumi calls upon the physicist Yukawa for help. Yukawa is known for his scientific deductions and accepts to assist in the investigations. But, things are not simple even to Yukawa. He is faced with a solution which is the only possible solution theoretically and yet, is impossible, practically.

Was Yoshitaka murdered? Who is the murderer? What was the motive? That’s the book for you 🙂


Now for a Q&A session:

  • What are the flaws/ loopholes?
    • There really aren’t any. The plot is quite clear.
  • Surely there are some… I mean, can a book be flawless?
    • Er… There could be, but, they are well hidden by the brilliance of the story.
  • Is it any different from other suspense novels in the market?
    • Can’t say it’s different, but, it’s definitely going to be a great addition to your suspense collection…
  • Compare “Devotion of Suspect X (DSX)” with “Salvation of the Saint”
    • Both the novels are thrillers with some common characters: Yukawa and Kusanagi. I liked both the books; they is suspense, interspersed with emotional instincts. While DSX was about a man’s emotions, this book brings out the emotions of a woman.
  • Is there “Love” in this thriller?
    • Of course!! Deep and complicated…
  • Can I read it again and again?
    • It depends. But, I wouldn’t…I have never done that with suspense/mystery book…
  • Review in a Crux?
    • The book is well paced and is packed with suspense.
    • Utsumi’s keen observations and instincts; Kusanagi’s love at the time of investigation; Ayane’s chemistry with her apprentice and to top it all, a plot founded on a man’s weird want in life; all of it compels you to hold on to this book until the mystery is unravelled at the end.
    • If you love suspense, you would definitely want to grab this one…


APEIRON Verdict:



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