The “Magicians in White”

“King Dasaratha had 3 wives, but, none of the three wives could bear a son”

“Worried, Dasaratha consulted some sages who suggested that he perform a yagna.”

“So, the king performed a yagna. A celestial being rose from the fire and offered Dasaratha a vessel of Sweet Payasam.

The divine form, then instructed the king to give a portion of the sweet dish to each of his three wives. The king did so.

And lo behold!!!

Dasaratha was blessed with four wonderful sons…..”


The grandmother narrated the story of Ramayana to the small girl.

“Drinking the sweet payasam gave Dasaratha 4 sons?!”, the girl beamed with fascination…”How”?

“That’s magic“, the grandmother quipped, before switching off the lights and putting the girl to sleep…


If that’s magic, then our doctors who wield the power to change our lives are magicians…..

Those magicians in white;

Working day and night;

With wands called scissors and knives;

Always, changing our lives…


I’m going to narrate stories from real life to portray how these magicians, with their wands called medicine, have brought about a tremendous impact on the lives of people… Ready?



Urvashi was disturbed. She had been having regular sex (without protection) with her husband for about 15 months, and yet, she had not conceived.

Concerned, she and her husband consulted a doctor, who prescribed tests to check for the reasons.

The results were devastating.

Urvashi slipped into depression and anger clouded her thoughts.

“Why did this have to happen to her?” she cursed herself.

All her dreams of becoming a mother seemed shattered…

One day, she received her call from her doctor.

“I think we have a solution for you. Can you come over to the clinic sometime?” the doctor asked Urvashi.

A new ray of hope filled her thoughts as she stepped into the clinic.

When she walked out, Urvashi was a happy woman.

The In Vitrio fertilization (IVF) had come to her rescue.

She could now be the mother that she had always dreamt of being J



Menaka was shy of her large nose. She dreamt of becoming a fashion model, but, she also knew that her looks wouldn’t make it any easy for her.

A friend suggested Rhinoplasty to correct her nose, but, she was skeptical. What if things go from bad to worse?

She decided to take a call, nevertheless.

After all, “Without risk, there is no opportunity for gain”…

She walked in to the clinic with apprehensions and within hours, she was out; heads turning her way J

The first step towards achieving her dream was fulfilled. A great career lay ahead of her…


Story 3:

Malini was a young mother of two beautiful girls. Life seemed good until she was diagnosed with Blood cancer. She had rubbished the early signs, thinking it was normal to develop such things. After all, she had been healthy all her life and she had 2 kids to bring up.

She cursed herself for having ignored her health. The mere thought of it was depressing.

“It is in one of those advanced stages”, she overheard her doctors.

She was filled with worry. Who would take care of her kids, now?

She expressed her concern to her doctors. They smiled and assured her that they would take care of things.

They put her through “Stem cell transplant” treatment.

Malini’s body responded well to that.

Some months later, she was cured of cancer!!!



“Mommy! We love you!”, her daughters chimed in unison as they ran into the house .

“I love you too”, Malini said, satisfied that she would live to see her daughters grow.

Thanks to Medical technology…


Story 4

Anand had a “tongue for taste” ; that’s how he preferred to call his gluttony, euphemistically.

However, his unceasing appetite came with a heavy baggage.

Besides obesity, he was also a victim of diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol.

His mother was worried. Anand was just over 25 and he was showing no signs of losing weight. She took him to a doctor, seeking an effective treatment.

Several tests later, it was shown that Anand’ s condition was severe and that he was suffering from “Morbid obesity”.

“Will surgeries prove effective?”, Anand’ mother wanted to know.

“We’ll have to wait and see” the doctor replied, carefully weighing his words.

“What is it called?”

“Bariatric surgery”

The appointments were scheduled. After the treatment, Anand was a different man.

The last that we heard from him, he was getting married to a girl from his native town…


Story 5

Hira could never forget that day in her life. It was her birthday and her husband had promised a surprise for her. She was ready to meet him, when she got a call. The person on the other end informed her that her husband had met with an accident. It was a shock.

She rushed to the hospital, only to find her husband lying unconscious.

“His bones are broken”

“We need to operate”

“We cannot guarantee that he will survive….”

Hira’s husband had always wanted to donate his organs. She filled the forms to donate his, in case of failure to revive him. She was overwhelmed with emotions, but, it felt right to do that at that moment.

She waited, hoping to hear the good news of his survival.

She hoped that the organ donation would not be needed…

The doctors operated on her husband for several hours. When they came out, they had both good news and bad news.

Her husband had survived, but, he had lost his mobility.

“Surely there is a way to overcome that too?”, Hira spoke out her concerns.

“Yes. We can help. There are hip resurfacing surgeries that are effective.”

“But, there are side effects to those surgeries. I’ve read about them”, Hira said.

“There were complications associated with them”, the doctors corrected her. “Not any more”.

So, it was “Good news and good news” to Hira, after-all .

She walked into the room to see her husband.

She stroked his head and kissed his forehead. “You are going to be alright soon, my dear”, she whispered in his ears.


The stories above are not mere stories. They are examples of how medicine can change the destinies of people; bring hope when all is lost.

Modern day medicine has done wonders to our life. It has made the impossible, possible.

The technologies are constantly evolving; people are finding ways to improve the available techniques and bringing it to people at reduced costs.

Very recently, I read about a 15 year old boy “Jack Andraka” who had invented a cost effective method for diagnosing cancer. Elsewhere, treatment to cure AIDS has been developed. When I was a kid, every doctor had the dream of inventing a cure for AIDS. It is a reality, now.

The wonder of human anatomy never ceases to amaze me; with its complexity, it is by far the best creation of god. What can be better than taking care of it in the best possible way?

Through this post, I would like to salute all the doctors who have made the human existence, easy and wonderful for us.

One word: Respect.


From twelve to twelve, our clocks tick;

We deal with lives; we have to act wise and quick;

We have seen smiles,

We have seen tears;

We have quelled fears

And have brought cheers;

Feeling the life in another is “Life”, to us,

We protect the world and are identified by a “Plus”



This post has been written for “Indiblogger Contest” in association with Apollo Hospitals


The medical terms used in the write up above have been referenced from the Apollo Hospitals site


This post has been awarded the Indi Pattani award in association with Indiblogger-Appolo Hospitals 😀 😀


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