Hello, Mr.Rain

6-4-2013 9-45-21 PM


It kindles memories so sweet;

Memories – surreal, yet real…


A kid in a blue frock,

is walking on the compound wall;

she feels the drizzle on her palms and

shouts in joy

“Paattii Mazhai” (Grandma Rain!!)


She sits by the door watching

the rain;

The yellow apartment in the opposite lane

turns into a haze;


Unwilling to go to school,

“Rain Rain don’t go away”, she prays;

She smells onion sambar and potato roast from the kitchen

“I’m hungry”, she suddenly says…


The rain stops;

So does Power ;

She lies on the mattress – no fan;

“Thatha (grandpa) !! Tell me a story”, she begs…


She dozes off

Only to wake up with hopes of staying home

“You have school!”, they say

Sulking, she asks her granddad to comb her hair…


She walks to the bus depot,

Grandma tagging along;

5E- they aboard

Praying to Lord Muruga

On her way to the KG school


“Hi!”, I’m new here,

Someone walks into the room

Nostalgia ends abruptly,

But, so what? There’ll be a rainy day soon….


It’s raining now. ..Great weather… Feeling blessed…


2 thoughts on “Hello, Mr.Rain

  1. pearl says:

    Hey Apeiron,

    Like everyone else i love the mushy smell of dry soil quenched by rain! But this mix of sambhar in there that you described flared my nostrils!
    Nice and qewt piece 🙂


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