Saluting the man who listened to his heart and solved “A problem”

Having watched the videos under the Idea Caravan-Franklin templeton initiative, I must say, this one was the most entertaining – the speech by Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham

This man, a school drop-out has done something very simple in its content and yet elegant in its intent.

Sanitary pads for women at low cost!

Who would have thought that a man, coming from conservative and humble beginnings would overcome the barriers of the “society laid norms”, shed all inhibitions and pursue a thought close to his heart – all for the comfort of his wife? J

Quite Impressive, I must say.

This man has tackled an issue which even women would choose to neglect (mostly out of embarrassment).

Unhygienic pads can often lead to bacterial diseases and various gynecological conditions and in a country like India, the awareness is not quite enough to teach women about the issues openly. As the man himself admits, he was faced with severe consequences- such as even eviction from his village- for pursuing his passion to bring hygiene to the homes of rural women.

He says, “a Problem” is all that you need to innovate. He also says, “pursue your passion” for the passion-not for the money.

A business plan with the intention to make money is old fashioned.

Bravo sir.

I think things can’t be put in a better way than he just did!

Link to a TOI Survey on affordability of sanitary pads in India (Not sure if this can be trusted given TOI’s fame)

You may want to read more about this man in the following links:

So, I’ve written on this one initiative which impressed me. The presentation style was naïve, simple and from the heart.

My hearty wishes to all other innovators who have done the world some good with their novel ideas and inventions J

A great initiative by Franklin templeton and Indiblogger !


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