And, I’m in the 90’s again

Waking up to the smell of fresh filter coffee”


In the midst of the snow clad Himalayas ,
stood the delicate princess: Shrutilayas…
With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other,
She seemed all set to tackle the YETI despite the cold weather…
The yeti came a step closer ;  and closer; snarling.
The smell of coffee wafted through the air and a sweet voice sang: “wake up ,darling” 🙂


“The reminisces of childhood”

By the window she sat,
The rain fell down; pitter patter pitter pat;
She gazed at the trees even as the smell of the soil tingled her nostrils,
Reminding her of that rainy day she spent as a kid at her favorite Gran’s house eating rice and lentils…

“Missing mom”

Far away from home she lived
“I’m comfortable here”, she often fibbed…
But, when her neighbors cooked the beans dish,
She would think, “Mom, come here.. I really do wish !!!!”

The Ecstasy of books”

“Delicious it feels”, she mumbled
“So fresh, so ne…”, in her excitement , her words fumbled;
It was holy ; she opened it with care and brought it close to her face;
The smell of those pages reminded her of those “who’ll read it first” fights with her bro ending in a cat and rat -like chase…

The days of exams and yore

She hugged the pillow closer, feeling warm,
And dropped her legs on top of it- her usual sleeping form…
The jasmine fragrance of the bedclothes played with her senses
Involuntarily, she woke up trying to remember the grammar and tenses…


I’ve always been in awe of God’s creation- of its elegance in design, and thought and also er, of it’s weirdness!!!
How does the human brain associate smells with certain incidents ? I’ve always felt very close to some smells : the smell of coffee, that of rain, the quintessential beans parupusli(a south Indian dish) smell, the smell of new books and of course, that of surf excel ..

They remind me of singular episodes – nothing more and nothing less.
Why? I’ve not bothered to find out..

They just make me feel young, and loved and reminds me of those care-free days ’90s days at home (yes, I grew up in the 90s) 😀


Oh wait… What’s this smell that’s tingling in the air even as I write ??
* sniff sniff *


Well, I’m not gonna tell you..
It’s the smell of a secret memory and I’m gonna go off now to revel in them 🙂

Tata for now….



This post has been written for the Ambipur – Indiblogger contest

P.S 2:

The images have been sourced from Google search

Apeiron (c)


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