Say Hello !!

The brainless Boss

[A Not so popular Boss in the ‘IT’ sector. He is climbing the rungs of the ladder called success quickly- much to the indignation of his peers..]

He has an empty brain,

Smartness, he would try to feign,

Oh! Pity! But, in vain😛


He has a big mouth,

And blabbers long- from north to south

Oh Yea! He doesn’t know it, but, he’s quite uncouth


Folks! Meet Mr. Pull Shit

His peers are waiting for the day when he would quit.

He knows what they wish- but, he is a man of a silly grit,

And, it works well for him- for he’s slowly climbing the ladders of “IT” !!!!


I know1

[He is a show off… He makes small things look big and when you point out his flaws, you are in deep shit…]

Meet Mr.I Know

His two horns, they grow and grow ;-P

He would keep his hands raised and mouth open-like a scarecrow

And with anyone who calls him wrong, he would pick a row

Here he comes- showing off; Oh owww!!


Miss. Get done

[Here’s a woman who works hard during the day- gets the work done and lives life as if it were her last day- Meet Miss Get done! ]

Many hearts she’s won,
for she is the one who can get work done..
Post work, she lets down her hair and has fun fun and fun!!
Her life- well, it’s a roller coaster run!!


This post has been written for the Indiblogger-Jacob Hills Contest…


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