Dear Brother

Dear brother,

I know you, but, you know me not…

And, I have a message for you- I’ll keep it really short!


My name is humanity

My presence is what keeps the world safe- away from calamity

But, in recent times, you seem to have forgotten me,

And I tell you, for this, you may soon have to pay a heavy fee…


I make you feed the hungry kid on the street,

Without me, you’d probably acknowledge his state only in your tweet…

That woman there? She has been wronged- she is weeping…

I’ll wipe her tears for you- else, her worries would only continue heaping…


You are unaware, but, we fit each other well- like a hand in glove

Come let’s be together forever and create happiness and Love…

I’m a virtue- so distinct;

Neglect me, and I shall go extinct!!!


You have six senses, I know

But, I’m your seventh- a friend and not a foe!




The above is a letter written by brother humanity to all the humans who have forgotten his existence… Time to wake up and reinstate the faith in Humanity, ain’t it?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.


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