When the ‘crow’ sang!

[This is a very simple short story  with a simple moral. But, sometimes, simple things need to be reinstated and reminded…So, here we go…:-)]

Day 1:

Sa Re Ga Ma…”

Sangeeta Kalanidhi V.Venkatraman prompted his students to sing…

Shakuntala, one of his students, was nervous.

She had a keen interest to learn the art, but, her voice was not exactly made for it.

Saaa..”, she joined the chorus.

Venkatraman winced at the voice.

Rudely he quipped: “Do we have a crow amongst the nightingales?

Shauntala was hurt.

She remained silent for the rest of the class.

Day 30:

[Shakuntala was subject to ridicule constantly, but she never quit.

Music was an art which she wanted to master.]

Sa sa ri ri ga ga”, Venkatraman sang.

Shakuntala joined feebly.

Venkatraman (Venky, as his students called him off class hours and as we shall call him, henceforth) remarked:

Why is the radio not tuned to the right station?”

Day 180:

Venky began his classes.

Sa ri ga sari sari sari ga maaa

Shakuntala joined in…

Venky looked at her…

Ri ga ma riga riga riga ma paa”, he continued without a comment or appreciation.

Day 365:

Venky was going to teach his students a varnam. He was going to break the routine, for a change. He was in a mood for ‘Varnam’…

Vaaalaaachiii vaaaaaachi”, he sang with dedication, closing his eyes.

Vaaalaaachiii vaaaaaachi”- a voice so mellifluous and perfect reached his ears…

He opened his eyes and his gaze fell on Shakuntala…

“I’m mistaken”, he told himself and continued.


He watched as Shakuntala sang the tune to a T, right in front of his eyes…

How did she do it?

He was amazed!!!

He silenced the rest of the class and nudged her to sing the lines with him, again.

Vaaalaaachiii vaaaaaachi Yoooonaaaanoooraaa”.

The class experienced ‘BLISS’ for the next 2 minutes…

Shakuntala had mastered the Seven Notes…

Her hours of practice after classes had paid off well…

After all, Faith, Passion and Hard work could never fail, could they?



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

Apeiron (c)


28 thoughts on “When the ‘crow’ sang!

  1. mahabore says:

    Faith, passion and hardwork, simple formula, essential ingredients for any success.

    Simple yet powerful story, very nicely told….

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