7 Facebook clichés

When at school, we used to play a game-The first person would shout out a word and the next would say the first thing that came to his/her mind about it.

For example, if someone shouted ‘Apple’, the next would say ‘Red’/ ‘Kashmir’ etc.

Well, if we were to play that game, and if you were to shout ‘clichés’, I would shout: “Facebook”!!


I’ve been observing several interactions on this social networking site and, in my opinion, these interactions are ‘monotonously mundane’.


1)      The comments are never different. It’s almost predictable! If you randomly look though pictures with a man and a woman in it, you are likely to stumble upon one of these comments:

“Lovely Couple”;

“Cute Couple”;


Super pair” etc. etc…

[A friend of mine recently put up a pic in which she stood alongside her brother, and guess, what?

 The comments on the pic read: “Super pair”; “Cute couple” etc. 

Talk about embarrassment! That’s how robotic commenting has become!]

2)      Just born babies have facebook profiles-thanks to the over enthusiastic parents who believe in tagging their new borns in their pics!!!

Now, imagine having to hand over FB profile passwords to their kids when they grow old enough to use it!

3)      An overwhelming number of men and women have resorted to FB to express their love.

Boy writes on the girl’s wall:

“My name is Dan, and I know that I’m your man. Will you marry me, if you can?”

And the girl writes “Awwwhhh! Yes sweetie <muah>”

The friends write: “Congrats guys”

Now all this is “sweet” (:-P) until you realize that this love is loud and ostentatious!

Where are the good old days of the chivalrous proposals when the man would kneel down and express his love for the woman?

4)      On mother’s day, the profile pic features the mother with a quote:

“Love you mom! You are the best”.

On father’s day, it is a pic with dad-the quote is repeated with ‘dad’ replacing ‘mom’.

On Pet’s day, the pic is with the pet dog and on the idiot’s day, will it be a solo pic? 😛

What’s wrong about this, you may ask.

Well, it’s a nice gesture, no doubt, but, how many of those expressing love for their moms on ‘Mother’s day’ actually walk up-to her and hug her?

How many? You tell me!

5)     “I miss you guys”, someone puts up a pic tagging all friends.

Did he/she give those friends a call and say a ‘Hi’?

How about doing that?

6)      “Happy B’day”, someone wishes you on FB.

“Happy B’day”, another one does so. And, another.

400 of your 1350 friends do so.

“Thank you”, you say for one, Ctrl+c the words and Ctrl+v in the comments for the rest( if you are active types) or, you say “Thank you so much for your wishes. They made my day”(if you are one of those lazy ones)

Wait! Are we missing an emotion here?

7)      XYZ checked in at Shanti Sagar with PRQ.

Okay, glad to know that.

10 min later,

XYZ is watching Madras Café with PQR.

Okay, good to know that.

15 min later

XYZ checked in at the restroom at Forum Mall..



Now, I’m usually fond of networking.

I like seeing people interact. I like sharing their joy.

But, somewhere down the lane, FB has became the forum that it was not really meant to be.

Self-confidence is being measured in terms of “likes”; people start seeking recognition, even for the doing insignificant things; millions of “professional” photographers crop up; wedding invitations were sent via FB…..

The personal touch is lost!

I want to get back to basics. I want to call my friend and listen to her voice. I want to stand next to my mom, hug her and say ‘I love you’, personally.

I want to see real talent getting encouraged.

I want to feel the world.

What’s wrong with wanting it?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

Apeiron (c)


22 thoughts on “7 Facebook clichés

  1. Say Cheese says:

    I really get irked when I am tagged in photos I am not even present in, the photos of film stars and nature et al. If you love your mom, like it..if you like this link, facebook will give one dollar to poor people…somebody please stop them. 😀

  2. C. Suresh says:

    Hahaha! Now that was fun 🙂 I know it does not fit the cliche context of this post but how about my putting up “I fractured my hand today” and 37 people Liking it 🙂

  3. mahabore says:

    Have to completely agree with you when you say that Facebook “trolling” is probably the biggest nuisance today, in fact so much so that I have unfriended more than 100+ people that I don’t care about anymore nowadays…

  4. sheethalsusan says:

    FB have become like a family member these days. We wake up and go to bed updating status in FB! Relations have lost its intimacy these days and everything have become just for namesake.

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