Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful

Wake up to watch the sun rise,

Let those rays soothe your eyes;

Take a long, relaxing bath,

Smell the flowers on your path…

Break your smart phone,

Pick a book- enter the reading zone!

Delete your face-book account

Make that time better count!

Say “I love you” and give your loved ones a kiss

Trust me, it’s bliss!

Forget the deed of the friend who lied

Petty things- brush them aside

When you die, May your words be: “Life is Beautiful”.

If you can bring yourself to say that, you’ve been truly alive -living life to its full! 🙂

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
Image courtesy: Google search
In Mario Puzo’s book : The Godfather, the don dies uttering the words: “Life is beautiful”- The post title is inspired by that line

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