7 Cups Barfi-A doodle approach


This is my mom’s “famous” recipe.

She bakes this barfi every year during dussehra, exclusively for the guests.

I’m a big fan of this one (just like all those who taste this) and I’m gonna take this opportunity to show you all how to bake this…


[You may want to click on the pic to view it in full size :-)]


7 Cups barfi

Let’s repeat the steps here:

1)Take 1 cup of Coconut gratings

2)Take 1 cup of Ghee

3)Take 1 cup of Milk

4)Take 1 cup of Besan Flour

5)Take 3 cups of Sugar

6)Heat the mixture in a pan until it turns into a semi solid paste

7)Empty the contents of the pan into a wide plate

8)Make cuts in the paste using a knife (mark boundaries for the barfi pieces)

9)Allow it to solidify  (You may put the plate in the freezer for faster solidification)

10)Tada! The barfi is ready!!!! 🙂

Now, pick up the pieces and taste your way to heaven……


My Doodle recipe is a part of Easy Doodle Recipe contest at BlogAdda.com in association with TastyKhana.com


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