The Nothing rumination

Here’s a hello from someone who knows nothing about life.



She’s lived half her life in a closet and the other half, surrounded by nice folks.

But, that’s her story till date.

Her life continues, and she finds herself in the brave new world of corporate.

It’s time for her to learn some lessons and experience the “human elements”.

Here, she understands  that life is about making “friends with benefits”.

“Be friends with a boss and stand a chance to get promoted. Yes, you don’t have to work really, but, again. Be friends with him. It helps”

She feels lost as she watches the world around her run at a fast pace.

Where is she headed?

When did the world lose its sense of justice?

When did all the wrong things seem right to the society around her?

Why are those in the corporate world so tolerant towards unethical practices?

She wondered.

Probably they fought for their rights too, and failed, and refuse to try again…


She resigns herself to the realities of life.

She still knows nothing about the world.

Nothing at all.

She writes about this on her blog, which would mean “nothing” at all to anybody.



One thought on “The Nothing rumination

  1. vijayaa108 says:

    How very very true!
    You have hit the nail on the head.
    You and I know that ‘we know nothing at all’ but in this world it is not so and that is what matters.
    People like us do not matter and that is the matter!

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