The Guru and his Disciple


28th April 2014

10: 30 AM

The wizened old man sat on the raised platform, eyes closed. His audience sat facing him- imitating his pose.

“Om!”- the silent mantra resonated across the room.

10:45 AM

Slowly, the old man opened his eyes, and gently asked his audience to do the same. His gaze fell upon a young lad, seated across the room.

10:48:43 AM

Gazing into the young man’s eyes, the guru uttered-“I want you to visit me tomorrow! Do come, if you are free!”

10:48:53 AM

The room gasped with wonder! A lady in the corner of the room remarked: “This is astonishing. This is the first time that the guru has invited someone personally to attend his sessions”

The lad’s neighbours whispered: “You should attend it. This is a one-time opportunity!

Envious eyes fell upon the lad who beamed with happiness.

10:55 AM

(At the lad’s home)

The young man’s parents (who incidentally were a part of the audience that witnessed this rare event) remarked: “You must go. This’ll benefit you greatly! You mustn’t miss this opportunity. You are a special lad with special opportunities!”

The lad nodded his head- eager to feel the positive impact that the session would bring to his life…

29th April, 2014

10:30 AM

“Om!”- The silent mantra resonated across the room.

The Guru opened his eyes.

His gaze fell upon the same lad. He asked the lad to wait, as the crowd dispersed.

10:45 AM

The lad walked towards the guru with eager steps.

“The guru- is he going to give me a great piece of advice? I’ll remember his advice and follow it. This will protect me from any harm that might arise in future….”- anxious thoughts skimmed past the lad’s mind.

As he approached his guru, the old man wrapped a hand around the lad’s shoulders, and spoke: “I liked the shirt that you wore yesterday. Where did you buy it?”


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