Cute Mister Piggy

Cute pig

Cute Mr.Piggy was happy with joy!

But, he expressed it not

For he was a big boy,

And, (his mom had told him) ‘Big Boys don’t emote a lot’!


Cute Mr. Piggy wanted to cry

But, he expressed it not

For he was a big guy

And, (his mom had told him) ‘Big guys don’t emote a lot’!


Then one fine day, Cute Mr. piggy met a gal

And, he wanted to be her pal,

But Alas! He couldn’t bring himself to say so,

for, his practice over years had finally led to this woe

Note from the author:

“Expressing” is a gift that many of us don’t possess. In my limited experience, I’ve met people who can’t bring themselves to say “I love you”, “Take care” etc., even if they mean to say so! Some even consider these words (to be) a sign of weakness!

By no means is this a fault, but, wouldn’t life be easier if all of us could say what we feel?

All said and done, I do not wish to propagate the idea of expression , through these verses above. In my limited experience, again, people DO tend to communicate through other means, such as through their eyes, and that works perfectly fine too, if not better!

Cute Mr. Piggy here tried to suppress his emotions! Now, that’s not great at all… Emotions need to take a form, and that’s definitely not suppression! That’s probably what I’ve meant to convey here…With success? That’s for you, as a reader to say!



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