Beep Beep

Thursday 11:20 PM

Just got back from work!

Thursday 12:20 AM

Had Sambhar rice with cauliflower for dinner. I’m tired. Going to sleep z..z..zz…

Friday 7:00 AM

Good morning honey! 🙂 Last day of the week… Looking forward to the weekend!!!

Friday 5:00 PM

My boss is the cruelest man on earth…Friday evening & he wants me to finish the report, and  just when I was about to leave. :-(:-(

Friday 7:00 PM

I wish you were here to take me to movies- like you always would on Fridays…I miss you… 😦

Poo sat on her bed and clicked on the send arrow.

The phone by her bedside beeped; it was his phone. She noticed that the charge was low and she plugged it in…

**Long after he was gone from her life, his phone continued to give her company, and, her life went on…**


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