Cross roads


She was at crossroads- to do, or not to

To study, or not to; Not marry or ought to…

Her parents said: Marry. For us, you have to;

Her heart said: Study. For yourself, you need to;

She followed her heart, cleared exams and USA, she flew to;

Only to start where she was- at crossroads-to do, or not to!

To get a corporate job to pay her loan, or to become an entrepreneur like she always wanted to…


In my life, I have been at crossroads, unsure where to go, several times. In hindsight, if I knew that uncertainty would arise with a particular decision, would I still take that decision? Probably yes.

Each decision is a lesson; and the time spent at crossroads, an indicator of my determination and inner strength to take on challenges in life.

Back in 2007, when I first left home to live in a hostel, the world seemed vast, waiting for me to conquer. The courage that I had at that point was probably supported by my eagerness to embrace my new found freedom. That life was fun- made easy by friends. Moving on, when I found my job in Bangalore, the courage seemed replaced with uncertainty- leaving friends to join a corporate was hard. How would I survive in a new place with unknown friends?

Yet, life moved on.

Facing life as it comes is probably the best way to tackle challenges. One at a time. Period.

Today, while doing an MBA, I often hear about ‘Planning ahead of time’. Having a Plan B when Plan A fails; Plan C if Plan B fails and so on… In reality, does life work that way? It helps to plan, but, not necessarily. Life is full of twists and turns and the best that you can do is to equip yourself with skills to tackle challenges in life.

My brother often talks about his friend who had plans to make it big in life. He would study hard, work diligently and was well prepared to take on the next phase of his life. One evening, after playing football, the friend came back to his room to sleep, and never woke up. What was all the planning worth, at the end of the day?

I’m, by no means saying that planning in life, for life, is a bad thing. Nor am I trying to propose a skeptic view of life. All that I’m saying is: “Life happens and it is not always under your control”.

Have an open mind to embrace life as it comes. Develop your skills. Be ready to face failures and disappointments, and learn how to handle success with grace.

You’ll be at the crossroads of your life once again, and your attitude is all that matters then.


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