The Break

Life is an averages game- success follows failure, and failure, success. I have always been aware of this strange, yet intriguing aspect about life. In some strange ways, it keeps me grounded during times of success and optimistic during times of failure. After all, if one happens, the other is bound to, isn’t it? My life is simplified immensely when I look at incidents through this lens, and you should too!

Let’s now read about Padmini who found light in her life after going through troubled times.


Padmini woke up to check her email. Sipping a cup of coffee, she mechanically hit the ‘trash’ button for all the ‘Reject’ emails in her inbox. It had been over a year since she had left her IT job in pursuit of an exciting career in scriptwriting and films, but, luck had not smiled at her. After several promises, networking, and contacts later, she was still where she had started.

What had happened? Was it even a prudent decision to quit her safe job for a dreamy one? She was beginning to question her decisions…

Frustration- how much longer should she hold on? She didn’t know. Life seemed bleak and dull.

Meanwhile, all her friends seemed to be doing very well. They were posting fun pictures on Facebook… Oh! That disruptive site!

Although she never believed in the reality, honesty and ethicality behind the ostentatious display on social media, the situation in her life (at that moment) forced her to curse her best friend’s status “Feeling amazing at Denmark with hubby” …

Padmini got up, dropped her cup in the dishwasher and went to take a refreshing bath. Soon, she was dressed in a bright green kurta and matching earrings. She locked her door, keyed into her Scooty and drove into the streets. It was going to be yet another day of fruitless job searches…

As she turned around the corner, a car suddenly hit her, throwing Padmini into the shoulder of the street.

What happened next was a haze.

Time remained still.

As she opened her eyes, her gaze fell upon a young man with handsome features.

“Hi. My name is Mani Subburaj. I’m a filmmaker. Sorry about the accident- it was my fault. Could I help you in any way to make up for all the trouble?” he asked earnestly.

Padmini smiled.

Post Note:

It took Padmini 1.5 years, and an accident to finally realize her dream. And, it was worth the wait!

She moved on to write some of the best scripts in the movie industry- directed by Mani Subburaj- and every single one was a super hit.

She went through a phase of uncertainty, and if the break had not come to her at the time that it did, she might have gone back to her IT job. But, note – I said she only “might” have! She might have continued to wait even longer- only to taste even better success.

Life, as I always say, is an averages game- when darkness comes, dawn isn’t far behind!

Be optimistic. Be patient. Love your life.



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6 thoughts on “The Break

  1. Soundarya Ganesan says:

    This surely signifies that one should always have a sense of credence in one’s fortune rather than blaming it everytime when something goes wrong. 🙂

  2. Soundarya Ganesan says:

    I think one can read your blogs over and over again. The feels :’) omg. The rendition is flabbergasting 🙂

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