Go- A Traveller’s Scribbling


Travel is invigorating.

I like taking time off to travel; gazing at nature’s bounties while time slides into an eternity.

The spirit of nature – the silent whisper of the wind, the dance of the trees, and the scent of petrichor- they never fail to bring a smile of satisfaction on my lips…

And, again, not always is nature the biggest reason for me to travel- food is another; the company of people is yet another…

As I reminisce those good old days of travel, food and fun, I can’t help but feel a sense of contentment- life is great if you decide to make it that way…

About 10 months back, we decided to travel. It was an ad-hoc journey; unplanned and on the fly.

The places weren’t new, but the experience most definitely was.

After a short day at work, we drove further and further into the road connecting us to the Bangalore-Coimbatore highway, stopping briefly at Adayar Anand Bhavan for a light evening snack. Coimbatore was going to be our destination from Cochin.

The city of Coimbatore is known for its pleasant climate, and one could almost sense the nearing of Coimbatore with the number of ‘Iyengar’ bakeries on the highway.

A cool breeze welcomed us to the city around 9:00 PM. A quick meal in Anandas followed by camping at a friend’s house completed the day.

The next morning, we drove to Ooty- a hill station. Summer as it was then, we were in for a flower show at the botanical garden. We stopped to view the eye warming show, moving on to explore further.


Ooty welcomes!

When I look back at that day, I’m left wondering- sometimes, you don’t need a plan. You don’t need to check the list of places to see. Sometimes, all you need to do, is to wander aimlessly, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you can get to know the place than you would, had you gone with a plan.

For instance, we wouldn’t have noticed the small shop in the corner of the Ooty market selling the best hand-made chocolates in the world; chocolates that would melt in your mouth the moment you bit into them… Nor would we have seen the box-like hotel serving the absolutely delicious chai. Nor would we have stumbled upon that amazing resort with the coolest view.


The Ooty view

The resort

The resort

I guess there is a thrill associated with discovering; the thrill of being able to survive without knowing what to expect next. The day in Ooty, to us, was a day filled with excitement- in non-anticipation of what would come next. In many ways, maybe because of the luxury of time that was available to us then, and the zest of wanting to explore that exploded within us, that experience remains the best till date in my heart…

We slowly made our way back to where we started- Bangalore- asking people for the way. We had a GPS, and yet we relied on the local knowledge. That took us to Mudumai- a wildlife sanctuary. We drove through the sanctuary, spotting elephants, deers and monkeys on our way. The green trees, the fresh smell of water, the drizzle that accompanied us through the drive- and one could not have planned the trip better, even if they had attempted to…

The Monkey in Mudumalai

The Monkey in Mudumalai

After note:

What made this shoddily described trip extraordinary? I guess the answer lies in one word: “Friends”.

These short journeys in life make me feel thankful about my own existence- life can be happy, fun and invigorating if I choose to  see it so!


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