The StorE

She switched on her phone- small, cute and comfy’

It was running on the latest Android version- wasn’t that cool and Sexy?

She downloaded her favorite apps- Whatsapp, clean master and of course the mobile security,

She then changed her wallpaper to Blue- to suit her phone’s grip shell- wasn’t that funky?

She twisted her hand to switch on her camera and took a selfie;

And posted it on Facebook- it was going to be her new DP!

She downloaded Candy crush saga next and played till level twenty;

Suddenly remembering that for the next physics class she needed a slinky.

She then installed Flipkart, bought the slinky, and also a birthday present for her friend Jinki;

She resumed playing Candy crush until she reached level fifty.

Then she wanted to read the news- she installed ET*

15 minutes later, with the phone’s battery still strong at 60%, she felt (yawn) sleepy,

She set the alarm, turned on the assist sleep mode and slipped into mode : dreamy…

In the morning, another day would start- bright and sunny;

And life would move on- oh! that timeless story…

Hey! Did you notice that each line in this post ends with the sound of E?

No surprises here- her phone was a brand new Moto E! 🙂

*ET- Economic Times P.S: This post has been written for Moto E in association with Indiblogger Image Source: AboveAndroid, ET,Candy Crush, Facebook, Whatsapp


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