Snippets of happiness

Happiness is when I experience emotions and experiences for the first time, and then, again and again 🙂

Do you remember the first time when you saw snow? Those white angels falling on earth and covering all things around you with a white velvety blanket?

I do. And it made me smile.

Do you remember the first time when you made money, and dropped it in your piggy bank (hearing the clanking sound)?

I do, and it made my face light up with glee.

Do you remember the first time your loved ones surprised you with a visit?

I do, and it made me happy.

Do you remember picking the phone to answer a call from a long lost friend?

I do, and it made me cry with joy.

Do you remember your first date, your first kiss?

I do, like you do with a nostalgic happiness.

Do you remember cycling home in the rain with the rain drops pinching your skin?

Unlike you (or maybe, like you), I remember enjoying the feeling with excitement!

Do you remember the first time when you had a night long conversation with your friends under the sky with a glass of coke?

I do, with a sense of liberation in my thoughts.

Do you remember the first time when someone said “you are the best”?

I do, and I took it like it was all true!

Do you remember the time when someone special made you an amoeba dosa, with salt-less chutney?

I do, and I thought that was the best meal in the world!

And, do you remember the feeling when all the above things repeated themselves?

I do, and the feelings were all the same- again and again and again!


Happiness is without reason.

Happiness is a spontaneous emotion.

Happiness stems out of effort, and sometimes, without effort.

Happiness is fleeting and not forever!


We all have our moments of joy and sorrow; fear and excitement; lows and highs…

How we choose to live those moments is what gets us going in life- either with optimism, or with pessimism.

Live and breathe for the moment- express your joy when you have to, and forget your sorrows like you want to.

Here are some of those who found happiness in their states. Another man’s dream was never their’s. Cliched as these stories might sound (like the most of this post), more and more folks in this world continue to live so…

The old couple found their happiness in each others’ company. They lived under the tree in poverty. But, the latter’s not what they remember.

The dad was a 8-6 worker, earning just enough to run the family. His friends grew in status, but, he was happy. He was lucky to spend time with his family while his friends slogged for money.


Live, Breathe, Let Live- and you are a happy one!



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Rain, Hug, <a href="; target=”_blank”>Love


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