Dear Etihad- are you listening?

Dear Etihad,

I had my tickets booked from Madrid to Chennai on December 7th 2015- operated by your airlines. However, due to heavy rains in Chennai, you cancelled all your flights without sending an email to some of your travellers! I was one of them.

Incidentally, I had called your customer care on Dec 6th to verify my baggage allowance that led to my discovering about the cancelled flight! What a nightmare it was after that! You wouldn’t know. So, let me explain…

Since I was travelling on Dec 6th in the UK with limited internet access, I called my dad to do something about this situation. Plese note that my dad was in an equally bad situation in Chennai with very poor internet and phone access. In spite of this, he managed to contact your customer care to request a solution (to this problem) for which the customer care representative bluntly replied: “You will have to do this with your travel agent, sir. We cannot help!”.

  1. Do you not inform your representatives about the actions to take in case of cancellations like this?
  2. Are all your representatives not uniformly informed about dealing with a problem like this?

Here we were- in a situation where flights were cancelled with no prior intimation from your end, and when we tried to explain this, we were bluntly spoken to!

Meanwhile, my dad, in an anxiety to get me home safely called GoIbibo to reschedule the flight to Kochi at an additional charge of INR 6000.

  1. Goibibo did not have any information from Etihad on the cancellations! Why? Is it your fault, or Goibibo’s?

Later, we came to know that Etihad was doing the rescheduling free of cost to passengers travelling to Chennai. However, when we tried to get back to Etihad on this discrepancy, we were made to wait for long hours on the line without getting to any customer representative effectively… We had also paid the extra fare to Chennai!

Etihad’s facebook post:

facebook update

I wrote to EtihadHelp on twitter, only to receive custom made responses- no avail. Because of this last minute cancellations, I also ended up paying a whopping INR16000 to SpiceJet for my flight to Chennai from Kochi (after going through a different kind of hassle at the SpiceJet desk).

What can Etihad do?

  1. For starters, kindly refund my money associated with the flight transfer (to Kochi). Your facebook page clearly reflects your free-of-cost policy
  2. Since the lack of email correspondence led to most of my problems, I would like for Etihad to compensate me for my travel to Chennai from Kochi (International travelers have huge baggages. Domestic flights (such as SpiceJet) make use of such bumped off opportunities to charge customers all that they can. Who is the victim here? Isn’t it the passenger? Why isn’t Etihad bearing these additional charges incurred by the customer owing to last minute flight cancellations? It is also to be noted that the Chennai Airport was officially closed until Dec 6th (as per media reports early in December. The customer had to be notified in case of cancellations in any case!)
  3. Both the above requests do not include the hassles associated with planning this journey amidst constrains, bad customer care experience and so on.

Below are all the details for Etihad to solve this problem for me:

Reservation ID: XSRHJS

Etihad Airways Confirmation Number:    (PNR) STJMHO

Travel agency details: Agency Phone: 09213025552 IBIBO PAX CTCM 9620912226

Snapshots of my conversation on Twitter: No response from Etihad to this!

twitter convo

My post on facebook (on Etihad’s timeline) to which I received a vague response.

facebook convo

Meanwhile, I ended up paying nearly INR16000 for a short flight on a supposedly low-cost airline. Below are the receipts (in addition to the flight fare of INR 6000!):

New Doc 3_1


Hope you can listen to this blog post, and resolve my problem (given all my other means to contact you have failed!)

P.S:You may read about my problems with SpiceJet here



The disgruntled passenger


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