Discovering oneself- Part 1 – UNC

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Traveller's Scratchpad

The last 2 years have been immensely interesting; I have been fortunate enough to meet new people from around the world, make valuable friends, widen my perspective of life, and be able to embrace ideas that differ from my own, with grace- sometimes even adopting them! Every individual is like a snowflake- unique and beautiful, and I never been able to feel that more than now.

7 countries- over 20 new destinations- all in the year 2015. I feel greedier than ever too.

Will 2016 be as fabulous, or better than 2015? I do not know, but I sure hope it is- in its own way…

I remember my very first solo trip to a foreign country in 2014- the USA (I had travelled to Nepal earlier, but, that was with the family). I had put on a bold face, but deep within, I had my fears.

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