To 2015, with love!

She believed in change. To her change was the outcome of an experience. Somewhere, sometime in her life, she had decided that she would try to live each day differently, and from that day, she had consciously made an effort to do at least 1 thing different from what he had done, the previous day.

This had become her habit- her compulsion. She would read a novel, she would meet a new person better than her in some way, she would learn something about the world, she would blog about it, she would travel to a new place, eat at a new restaurant, and if nothing, she would at least learn a new word.

Of course her life had had its share of dull moments, but, she had tried to cover it up with a deliberate activity. She was a learner, explorer, dreamer- and to her, 2015 had been kind; very kind indeed.

She had started her year in San Jose- celebrating the new year at her Uncle’s house- feeling so much at home after a rather hectic time doing the first semester of her MBA on the other end of the world. MBA had been an interesting experiece for her, but, that experience would make it to another blog post- not this one here!


Life had then unexpectedly taken her to Bangkok, a land that she would remember forever with a smile. She had met awesome folks during her internship in the city. That time in Thailand had also triggered her interest in Buddhism- a religion that fascinated her for its ideals.

She had learned to bow slightly in a gesture of “saying Thank you”- a gesture that was to become her habit even after the end of her stay in the city;

She had learned to treat guests with utmost respect and reverence there- the Thais had been good to her;

She had learned to laugh “555”- (the number 5 was pronounced “ha” in the Thai language); She had grown to enjoy the Tang Taeks a dish that she had often craved for, several months later;

She had learned to be independent- relying on technology to take her around in a city where no one spoke the languages she knew;

And, beyond everything, she had learned to “trust” people in order to get going ; she had realized that beyond the money needed for essential existence she needed the strength called “people” in her life… It had made all the difference to her when she had landed- a solo traveller seeking something without a definite aim in life in Bangkok…


Her destiny- no- her determination – no, love?- had taken her to Madrid next. What a wonderful place it had been!

The city had shown her how to live life in its fullest spirit; living off one of the best streets in the city- Serrano- had helped amplify her experience in a positive way. She had loved the buzz, the activity, the art and the ease of living there.

If Bangkok had taught her to understand the importance of “good people” in life, the experience in Spain had only accentuated that belief. People were always willing to go out of their way to help her. She realized the importance of “Paying it forward”; what else could explain the random acts of kindness that she had felt?

She found herself saying “Perdona” for an “Excuse me” even after landing in India, months later. She said ‘Gracias’ for “Thank you”, Hola for “Hello”. Saying these so frequently during those months there- to strangers on streets and to friends at school had made her accustomed to it. She smiled at that, as she remembered those faces that would greet her with warmth.

How she cherished those days! And how she missed them! And yet, she had learned that life moved on to give better experiences; she moved on with the hopes of finding better days ahead.

Her stay in Spain had also come with great travel experiences. She had backpacked (of sorts) to Rome,Vatican,Prague, Budapest, and then to Manchester, Ellesmere Port and Liverpool. She had also tasted the flavor of Spain through travel to Toledo, San Sebastian, Cercedilla and the mother of all travels- Barcelona!!!

She had stayed with the locals and mingled with the culture of the city, often exploring the place by foot. It had taught her the art of planning trips besides learning about the “way of people” there.

She felt gratified; immensely thankful to that positive force around her, for making this possible. She also found herself increasingly becoming open minded towards new ideas; she began to believe in herself and the beauty of her mind to get things done…


For long, she had believed in fortune readers- waiting for them to predict her destiny in times of uncertainty. 2015 had broken that bubble; she realized that she alone had the power to choose her way (with a little bit of luck maybe). She understood that time healed all wounds, and that new experiences always brought a fresh flavor to life. In fact, her experiences were never directly related to fortune telling, and yet she found herself wanting to believe that she could craft her destiny without relying on externalities. This was a realization meant to stay with her forever…

She also realized that worry was ephemeral- people spent a great deal of their time worrying about things that hardly matterred to them, on hindsight. She had too- grades, job, security and so on. She had decided to break the shackles of that routine and had travelled despite a student loan- not worrying about what was to happen next , in the year 2015. She had believed that the experience that she would gain through travel, and through meeting new folks would bring her that clarity about life. And it did.

Someone said “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. She had felt the wisdom behind those words.

She felt a sense of peace, and she hoped it would linger through 2016 and the years to follow.

2015 had been amazing alright!


To all the readers of this post:

She wishes you an amazing 2016! May you be what you want to be this year and those to follow!






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9 thoughts on “To 2015, with love!

  1. vishalbheeroo says:

    You had an awesome one and wishing you and even bigger 2016. Mine was a mixed bag of sort and optimist of turning the tide when the calendar changes:) Love this post and ur inimitable style:)

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