Hey There, You!

Inveterate notions surround our lives.

Think about this:

We believe in some things because our parents, their parents, their parent’s parents and so on believed in it.

While development in technology and social media has exposed us to different perspectives from around the world, we still continue to hold on to some of these beliefs- sometimes for sentimental reasons and sometimes, for convenience.

What if people could break out of that inertia and act differently for the better of the world? What if future generations could enjoy a life- free of gender discrimination, societal judgments, nit-picking and ego-triggered decisions?

Here are some 55 fictions- crisp stories that could show all men and women how normal the life of “equality by choice” can be.

These stories are applicable to all. While it may seem like there is a greater favor towards the women, remember this: “It is she who is fighting the harder battle against the society, and her own clan now”.


I hope you enjoy these stories while also relishing the subtle message hidden in these tales:


His eyes were moist with tears.

How wonderful had it been! The thrill, the enthusiasm, the kick of watching Superstar’s movie! Wah!

“Are you done cutting onions for sabji?” he heard her voice, suddenly. “In a minute, dear”, he called out, wiping his tears, and breaking his nostalgic reverie.

His kids watched him and smiled.


The Pen

He was swept by a wave of magical powers. He was unbeatable; he was invincible; he was the greatest being on earth. He was here to clean the world of its evils.


“Dad! Stop! You just vacuumed mom’s favorite pen”, his son cried- with mischief gleaming in his eyes. He knew what would follow…



Tchack Tchack.

“No. This doesn’t look good” he muttered under his breath.


This is good.

His nephew turned around. “What is uncle doing?”, he wondered.

Tringggggg. A phone call interrupted the activities in the room.

“Your presentation is ready, Latha. Let’s practice this and you’ll do great tomorrow!” his uncle spoke to his wife.



The buzzers buzzed as the company voted for its next CEO.

Would he? Or, would she?

Suspense rose as the countdown to the announcement neared!

“Three… Two…One… and…. Sujatha is the winner!” the announcer announced to a booming round of applause!

The world watched as the more deserving candidate took the post of a CEO.


Post Script:

The future is ours to sculpt – not just for the next generation, but for our own too. How we live our lives will serve as an example for the generations to come. The kids emulate their parents first. Therefore, setting the right examples is important.

As a firm believer in the freedom of choice, I shall leave it to the readers to decide on how they wish to set an example for those around them. There is no one way to doing things. The stories above speak of living a normal life- sharing the load. You could do it differently.

But remember: Change starts from within!





Image source: Women’s united




I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.


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