6⁰- Game of Blogs Book Review


I’ve often wondered what a crowd-sourced piece of work would sound like. How can disparate artists come together to create a quality product without having those creative differences and the artist’s ego? Would that even work?

Six degrees- Game of blogs: Blogadda’s edition of 3 different stories with similar characters, written by a team of writers dispels those notions about “being the creator or the artist”; more importantly, it shows how “team work” works!

Before we delve into the review, let’s take a look at the characters across these stories (all 3 stories have common characters).


Character outline:

  1. Shekhar Dutta- a stay at home writer dad
  2. Tara- a successful corporate woman (and Shekhar’s wife)
  3. Roohie- the sweet, naughty child of Shekhar and Tara
  4. Cyrus Dharuwala- a fair, and good looking young lad (mostly featured as a law student)
  5. Jennifer Joseph- a southern belle from Kerala with passion for photography
  6. Aryan Ahuja- Shekhar & Tara’s neighbor



The Awakening (By Team by Lines):

What was great!

This is a gripping tale of the Extra-Terrestrial world.

With its taut screenplay and crisp narration, this tale is definitely my pick of the 3; it brings out the child-like fantasies within you. As you skim through the pages, you cannot help but visualize the images of the aliens and the muggle-like aliens in your mind.

While there is nothing novel about the plot, this story is well structured. The characters are woven nicely into the plot and the story falls well in place.

What made this read interesting was the genre- something that is not commonly chosen by Indian writers.

A super-power woman – Clariota- was also an interesting and a cool choice.

What could have been better!

The ending was a bit of a cliché. The love-angle could have been replaced with a quirkier one (given the story’s theme), and that might have gone down well with the audience too. The episode of the yoga center and its master feels forcefully construed- this probably was the only slight bump in the pace of the story.

Note: As someone who devours on comics and fantasies, this story being a favorite is but natural. Of course, not many would agree. This one may appeal to the likes of few


Entangled lives (By Team Potliwale Baba)

What was great!

A page turner- well written, again. The twist at the end adds to the flavor of the story which lingers in the mind of the reader for several minutes after the end. As a reader, you are also left with several questions, and a sense of bafflement as the mystery is unraveled.

Why? What? How did this all happen so quickly? you wonder…

What could have been better!

A deeper narration of Roohi’s life- her traits, her behavior, her medical condition etc. would have made the novel feel complete. The characterization of Inspector Java comes across as vain rather than worthy of action and deduction (was this deliberate?).

The love between Jennifer and Cyrus also cuts through only a few vague stanzas while Jennifer’s fate (that was a result of this very love) hangs loose- a turn that makes you wonder if law & order in the country is loop-holed to this extent!

Some staring grammatical errors in the story could have been avoided too (although this might be directed towards the editors rather than the authors :-))


Missing- A journey within (By Team Tete-a-Ten)

What was great!

This story was good, and the characterization, complete. A good effort by the team

What could have been better!

The narration is cheesy, and as a whole feels forcefully construed. The characterization of Cyrus also comes across as chaotic; the authors could have chosen either his being gay, or his suffering from the Duodenal Atresia to weave the story. Why both? After all, the latter didn’t have any significance in the book besides a feeble indication of a possible movie!

The narration also feels abrupt at certain points without a natural connection. However, given that this is a combined effort of several bloggers, this comes to pass.


In a crux:

This is a commendable effort by all the teams. In spite of missing connections and some superficial characterizations, this book is worth a read. A very cool concept by Blogadda- kudos to that!



Views expressed this this review are personal and are not influenced by any person/ organization.



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