Taming the Taxes


As a huge fan of the superstar, I didn’t want to miss out on watching the movie- First Day First Show (FDFS). As I nervously browsed through the various ticket booking sites trying to grab myself a seat, a chartered accountant friend of mine- Sheela- casually remarked:

“I wish people are half as worried about filing their taxes, as they are about watching the superstar!”

work inprogress

Could I just throw a pillow at her for saying that, NOW? my inner voice prompted me to do so; and, just when I was about to do that, my uncle chimed in:

I agree. Did you hear about Ashok’s VISA application? It got delayed because of his tardy income tax filing record…

Really?”, quipped my cousin and there began the ‘righteousness personified’ conversation on filing income taxes in India.

Resigning myself to my fate, I quickly texted a close aide to “do the job” for me while I slowly began to pay attention to the conversation…

Yes”, my uncle continued. “It is very important to have a clean record for VISA. It is also important to claim accidental insurance in some cases! Janani’s father had a tough time getting his dues from that 3rd party insurance company…”.

Oh! Is it? Not just these, IT filing is important even for startup funding, uncle”, Sheela spoke. “My brother approached an angel investor for funding, and was asked to submit IT returns as proof of profitability”.

Looks like you need your taxes in place even if you wish to take up LIC insurance agency. Grandpa was telling me about his experience in doing that”, I remarked as the chatter in the room picked up momentum.

Not just that! I have clients telling me stories of how important this is for getting government tenders, judicial jobs, loans and a plethora of other things”, Sheela rambled off her experience taking the conversation to its crescendo.

And, slowly, as the rambling on tax gyan began to settle:

Now tell me. What’s more important? Taxes or Kabali?”, Sheela asked looking towards me.

“Kabali”, I meekly answered knowing fully well what was more important.

Idiot”, my friend remarked. “I will see you tomorrow then. It’s getting late

Bye!” I said as I went back to my laptop screen and logged on to https://www.hrblock.in to file my taxes for the year…


Image & write-up based on YourStory writeup, Income Tax website



I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Watch the video:



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