Kabali- a novice’s review!


A lot of seasoned critics have passed their verdict on the much hyped Kabali; I am no expert critic, and I am 2 days late in putting up the review for this movie.

Nevertheless, here’s my short take on ‘Kabali’ the movie (all views are personal. No offense, defense or even sense to be taken, hence!).

First: It’s a great title; catchy and very suave; Rajini-like! It’s probably because of this very title that the hype and hoopla surrounding this movie rose to such titanic levels…

Second:  Radikha Apte is fantabulous in her role. This casting couldn’t have been better. She looks young, alongside Rajini. However, she carries herself so well that the strength of her character matches that of the Superstar’s himself. She emotes so perfectly (watch that scene where she meets Kabali again!) that you can’t help, but admire this new woman on Kollywood’s block. Having watched Ahalya, and some of her other works in Bollywood, Radhika’s acting acumen didn’t come across as a surprise although my respect for this artist increased manifold!

Third: Rajini, the actor doesn’t disappoint. In fact, he’s pretty awesome in conveying emotions through his “eyes” throughout Kabali (isn’t he well known for this, anyways?). Rajini’s intense portrayal of his love for his wife is praiseworthy; very moving scenes. The movie rests on his shoulders, and he does total justice to his role. Thalaivar, the mass hero however disappoints at certain places; but, the makers never promised that. Therefore, watching the movie with this expectation may not be a fair start! Rajini’s makeup could have been better in many scenes, but, the rich costumes shadow the flaws in the makeup.

Fourth: The screenplay could have been tauter and clearer with well-crafted roles. The villains weren’t vitriolic enough to show Rajini as that “bigger-than-life” hero – an image that he is well accustomed to, by now. However, why should Rajini the actor be that demigod in every movie?

And finally,

Fifth: The fight sequence in the climax, for no reason and for even lesser association, reminded me of the climax in Al Pacino’s Scarface (no idea why!)…. The slickness factor in these sequences could have been better.

Dhansika as Rajini’s daughter does well in her role; so does Attakathi Dinesh who plays the role of Rajini’s henchman in a strangely comical manner. Riythvika and Kalaiarasan do justice to their parts too. Nasser is in his usual form as an actor- nothing new there; John Vijay is good for his role too!



It’s a good movie. Never slow (yes, I wasn’t bored for even a minute. I wonder why so many others felt so…). A different one from Rajini’s usual repertoires. Is this the Mullum Malarum star? No. This is Kabali’s superstar.




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