Dearest thatha


Thatha on the left corner with me on the rightmost corner; bro right next to thatha (taken during our trip to Nepal in 2010)


Dearest thatha,

I know you are never going to read this, but I wish you could. Really!

After all these years of sharing stories and experiences, it’s hard for me to believe that you are not around to listen to what happened in my life today, tomorrow, and for the years to come… Why did you lose interest in my life, suddenly?  Do you know that you’ve left behind a deep void?

Random memories

You’ve always been around, for as long as I can remember. I remember being that kid in LKG refusing to go to school unless you’d comb my hair; while returning, you would be at the bus stand waiting with your cycle to pick me up; those memories will never fade, thatha…

You’ve always delighted me! Do you remember telling bed-time stories, every single night? I learned Shakespeare through your stories… How could I forget the Tempest, Comedy of errors, or even Merchant of Venice, or Hamlet? (You even used to subscribe to a Telugu children’s magazine to read new stories whenever you ran out of stories to tell me…The stories of Ali in the Glass house, Kuchelan, Rajaji and many more will remain etched in my memory forever)…

You took a personal interest in my life… Be it Wren & Martin grammar, or Set theory, or making the lens camera with the agarbathi box , or even the art of covering books with brown paper; I learned it all from you…

I always meant to learn how you made that special Rasam powder, your pickles, the Vetha Kuzhambu, and many more; I never got a chance to document your cooking specialties. How will I ever learn to make them your way, now?

Last but not the least

You smiled from your heart, and you’ve always liked seeing people around you happy. For you, “All was always well”; an optimist, and an eternal well-wisher. You were a charming man  thatha, and you inspired everyone to remain positive…

You were silent, and yet, your presence was deep in all our lives. At 87, you never took anybody’s help; rather, we all depended on you for different things…You have left an indelible impact in our lives…

While I miss your presence deeply, thou shall always live in my heart. You are a special man, thatha- then, now, and forever.

In your loving memory,




Shrawan wrote this for you:

He was a man with very few words; Never showed much emotion as a person.

But you knew he cared deeply about his family. He just suffered in silence when his family suffered

Always a gentleman till the end. He enquired About Everyone’s well being . Secretly proud of their accomplishments. It was personal and he took it to his heart to take care of others.

He was greatly adored by his friends and family alike. Cheers grandad for the memories that we’ve shared.

It was a great ride. On your bicycle. Yes it was a special ride. With you it’ll be always be a bicycle ride.

That’s what made the ride fun.

Because they don’t make them like you no more.


Your grandson – shrawan



Thatha (granddad) went by the name: U.Ve.N.C. Parthasarathy Iyengar- S/O N.C.Singarachar when he lived. On Setpember 14, 2016, he attained acharya’s thiruvadi (as he may have liked to say)…



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