Genesis of Reservado

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When we started Reservado, a B2B2C venue management platform, we did it for a reason. What is it? Read on to know our story!

[ This post is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The problem
  2. The solution
  3. How Reservado works
  4. What’s​ next…]

What’s the Problem?

Celebrations & events are as old as our civilization; so is the “process” of organizing one.

So, when we wanted to plan a party, we found that there was no easy way to get that done!

A lot of venues remained unknown, making it hard to find the best place,

And those that did have a digital footprint weren’t up-to the mark — either they were expensive, or lacked the right space

So, we decided to do something about it,

and came up with an idea that might solve these problems- atleast by a bit.

What’s the Solution?

Reservado’ was thus born,

to technologically enable the process of booking venues online, and someday be the industry’s unicorn!!! (yes, we dream big and all, but, unicorn rhymes with ‘born’ no?)

How does this work?

We connect users with the venue managers directly;

with options to view policies, photos,availability, and even chat easily.

We don’t skip the personal touch,

nor do we eliminate the middlemen by much

We merely un-layer the conversation, & negotiation process,

and enable our curated venues to have a greater visibility, and user access!

What’s next?

This is, but Reservado’s beginning,

We have exciting features and many more coming up next-in our next inning!

Watch out for more updates, and show Reservado all your love! Now in #Coimbatore!

Until then,



P.S: Post was originally published on Medium


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