Haphazard Zone


Welcome to the Haphazard Zone.. Here, you’ll find random verses on random topics..

Verses formed just out of the blue…

They may or may not make sense, but, if you do enjoy them, drop in a comment to let me know 🙂



P.S:This page will be subject to frequent updates…


On Shivaa mythical character to some , and GOD to some others…


 I’m blue like the Sky;

Oh! Yes. I’m a tough Guy;

Your Problems, I shall help untie;

Shiva, That is “I”…

One more:

 I dance in a trance;

A loving husband, I’m fabulous at romance;

Ask Sati,my wife, if You meet her by chance”

And another…

 A lion and a Bird in one,Sharabha is my name;

I saved the world from Narasimha’s wrath,That is my fame 

The last one in this genre…

 “I may be Shiva, Mahadeva or even Nataraja to few;

But, To me, I’m “You” “#GodWithinSelf

These verses were originally written by the author for a Twitter contest which she didn’t win;

The organizers probably thought ’em unworthy and added ’em to their recycle-bin

Your thoughts too, to theirs, akin? 😛


On  a different note, I had written these lines for a friend’s wedding invitation.

As usual, I had to use Rhyming words.. My obsession with Rhymes never seems to STOP...

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation: (c) apeironinfinity.wordpress.com


Corporate life can be er, a little enlightening at times. here’s a tweet thought on the same:






Drop your thoughts here!

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