I’ve always felt that the “question and answer” approach lends a sort of clarity which no other approach does.
So, here we go, with a volley of questions which I’ve answered as candidly as possible !!!!

1) You have umpteen options available on the internet to “while away your time”. Why did you choose blogging?

The idea was to learn new words. Putting them to use in my blog seemed like fun (you will find it evident in my first few articles). But, the concept of having a personal space to express my thoughts seemed more appealing than that of learning words (especially since I was in no hurry to ace the GRE or the CAT :-p).

2)So, when did the “concept” of blogging start appealing to you?

 It was only after I started blogging ( like it would have, for most of the bloggers). It struck me that I was being drawn unwittingly into its clutches. I realized that writing gave me a sense of satisfaction which nothing else did.

3)How would you define satisfaction?

Well, its hard to define the word. Sometimes, I’ve even claimed that the word is redundant, for no such thing as satisfaction exists in this world, which is driven by avarice and greed !!
But, there are moments, albeit fleeting when you feel that things happening to you are just perfect and you need nothing else; times when you feel that you can pass an eternity in that state… While filling the pages of my blog, I’ve felt that way at times .. it is just me and my blog !!! Perfect !!

4) Your take on Religion ??

 This is one question I’ve always liked to answer. Religion, to me, is a way of life. It gives me a sense of direction which is difficult to put in words. pl.I would like to clarify ,here that I’m not a fanatic and I respect all religions, while following mine.

5)On God??

”              “

6)On love??

Er, Could you be more precise??

7)I mean, on love between a boy and a girl??

*this ans is subject to change* Umm..Maybe, there were Romeos and Juliets .. But that’s all a thing of past..Love, today is driven by ‘lust’. Nothing more and nothing less.

8)You don’t believe in ‘true love’??!!!
*this ans is subject to change*

That is just good for movies and Mills and Boons’ :-p.A straight ‘NO’, hence!

9)Would it have anything to do with your personal experience ??

Hell No!! Life is too short to learn from your own Mistakes.. I live life vicariously, at times…:-p:-p:-p

10)Deep within you, lets be frank with this, are you romantic ??It’s just hard to visualize you as a romantically crippled person in-spite of your take on love !!

*this ans is subject to change* Lol…Well, all of us are romantic, but in different ways.. I would call myself a “romantic idealist” !! That might explain my skepticism toward the concept !!

11)Might seem irrelevant to ask you this, given the turn that the conversation has taken.. But, what are your thoughts on Marriage?
*this ans is subject to change*

Sometimes I wish we Indians could ape the westerners in this, but some other times, I feel that the Indian take on this idea of “one man for one woman” is the best. Actually, I dunno. As I said, I have no first hand experience and most of my thoughts are based on what people around me “go through”.So……….

12)Books or Movies??

Both have their adv.s and disadvantages.Movies are condensed, while books aren’t , in terms of the amount of time you have to invest in them. However,books score over movies in that they encourage your own visualization and interpretation while movies are entirely the director’s… I’m a bit biased towards Books in this respect !!!

13)Last question: Your expectations from life ??

I don’t believe in ‘expectations’….After all, Man proposes and God Disposes!!!!
But yeah, A decent house with a small garden; a modest car and a good enough salary( from a ‘satisfying’ job) to go for a movie every weekend and to a holiday destination every 6 months would just suffice!!I’m not hard after big bucks , at the same time, I’m not a saint who will renounce it, either !!
And,yeah, most importantly, an engaging companion (pun intended) :-p..


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