Whaddever !

Whaddever !!
Random thoughts rule my mind; I keep ruminating on things which strike me out of the blue, and on things which I come across while mingling with the “world”…
Here are some of those thoughts, put together as and when they strike….

>>Known is always a drop- relatively speaking….. The moment you think that you’ve made it 2 drops, you realize that the ocean has grown bigger…… #IAmTakingAPatentForThisLine 😛
>>Learning would be so much fun if A.R.Rahman could tune the lessons for us!!!
>>I don’t know why ppl look for “chemistry” between 2 individuals..
If you ask me, I would say, “You are chemistry, all by yourself: made up of molecules and stuff”!!!

>>Trust me.. even the worst haircut eventually grows out….{So………………}
>> Being ordinary is soooo ordinary!!!(tsk, tsk);-p

>>Without risk, there is no opportunity for gain!!!

>>Blaming your actions on your nature does not change the nature of your actions…

>>{Oh?? I almost 4got 2 add this one:}
“Not just in class-rooms, there is a projector within every individual”:-p
>> Amar Chitra Kathas never cease to intrigue me….
>>*Nothing fails like success!!!!!
>> Reference point:: Set it High !!!
>>*We see the world not as it is, but as we are !!!
>>Some ppl have mastered the art of showering meaningless plaudits (irrelevant ones, that too!!)…I don’t think I’ll ever want to excel at that ;-p

Musings On People :
I’m often tempted to say: “Lights, Camera, OVERre-action” and tap the film, before some characters around me begin to talk !!
When we say somebody is sweet, it probably means that they did something which we wouldn’t normally do in their position…(Cannot be generalized,though 😛 )

….to be continued
*Source: Robin.S.sharma’s books- (Although I’m not his fan…)


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